Medicare Supplements

Am I Eligible for Medicare Supplements?

Medigap plans do not provide added benefits—they instead supplement your Original Medicare coverage costs. To be eligible for this form of coverage, then, you must also be covered by Original Medicare, or Parts A and B.

What is the Average Cost of Medicare Supplements?

Eligible candidates for Medicare Supplements pay a monthly premium. This premium is dependent on a rating system set by insurance providers. This rating system includes:

  • Community Rating in which the recipient’s location, including inflation and other factors, are taken into consideration to determine costs.
  • Issue-Age Rating considers the recipient’s age and health issues at the time of purchasing the plan. The coverage provided at the initial purchase is not allowed to change as the recipient ages or medical needs change.
  • Attained-Age Rating, unlike Issue-Age Rating, changes along with the recipient’s age. As the recipient ages, so too does their monthly premium.

While location-based economics, age, and location may change the cost of your Medicare supplemental insurance, your health conditions cannot. All plans are legally required to maintain the same coverage as agreed upon from sign-up regardless of changing medical costs.

The average cost of Medicare Supplements, when taking all of these factors into consideration, is roughly $152 a month.

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